B&D welcomes all skaters and expects all to be courteous to each other at all times, and to respect our cherished staff.  We have all ages of skaters in the building, and often at the same time!  

Here we go:


Foul, hateful, or threatening language is not tolerated at any time.

Fighting, intoxication, weapons, or offensive apparel will not be tolerated.  Simply apply your school's rules and dress code and you are all set!  Attire should be well-fitting and comfortable for skating. 


Gathering around others in threatening way is prohibited. Groups Congregating in the bathrooms is one example of this.

Skaters and parents should report any unsafe condition.

All skaters are to help keep the skating floor free of trash, gum, hair pins, and anything else that is a trip hazard.  If you drop it, pick it up. If you see it, pick it up.


All persons skating must have a ticket.

All persons on the skating floor must be wearing skates. 

Bring all rental skates back to the skate counter.


Please secure all loose objects while skating.

This includes cell phones! Use cell phones on the sideline, not the skating floor.  Leave backpacks at home.


You may bring your own skates and use them at B&D. They must not have protruding edges or metal wheels.

If your skates accepts toe or heel stops, then there must be a stop or jam/dance plug in the socket.

Some inferior in-line skates have protruding wheel axles that can gouge the skating floor.  Only axles  FLUSH with the frame will be allowed.

Heelys are not skates.



NO in and out privileges   


NO loitering outside or inside.  Un-accompanied minors must have skates on at all times. 


NO Smoking  

NO Vaping


NO Confetti  (really?)

NO fast and reckless skating at any time. Skaters may, of course, try out new skills, but never at the expense of safety and order.


NO carrying of children while you are on skates. (Even if they may be hurt).  You  will fall hurting the child and yourself.

NO Skate Trainers should be ridden.  They are only to

be used in the upright  'walker' position with hands apart to

prevent leaning forward. Skate trainers are only for tiny-tot skaters 

NO standing on benches or sitting on walls.  Do not sit small children on walls, tables or counters.

NO GUM!     Gum is a skating choking hazard, leave it at home.  No chewing tobacco either.

NO Problem: Backwards skating is permitted during "all skates" provided you are looking where you are going!

NO leftover children. Parents, be sure to pick up your children on time! "Left-overs" go home with the police.