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B&D Roller Rink is an institution on Noland Road in Independence, Missouri.  

Our original skating rink is next door and opened in 1961. We are currently in the larger building that opened in 1975

B&D South was built by Bill and Dorothy McDonald for whom the rink is named. They also owned the B&G rink in the nearby Fairmont district.  At one time there was a B&D East in east Independence. 


The McDonalds also built the roller skating rink in Liberty called Northland Rolladium, and the Blue Springs Rolladium currently known as "Rink Ratz" 

B&D is open for public skating sessions and has time available for privately-organized events such as School parties, Church parties, Sport Teams parties, private birthday parties and anything else.

Also gracing B&D's gorgeous floor is inline roller hockey (the Jokers), flat-track roller derby (Fountain City). Members from the Kansas City Roller Skating Academy often practice here too. 

The McDonald family still owns the rink, and has been been managed since 1981 by "Duffy" Heyer with help of his wife, Sandy. 

The rink was rebuilt in 2015 following a strong wind shear tearing the roof open and rain ruining the ceiling and skating floor. The rebuild brought the rink up to 2015 building codes, a new ceiling, and new skating floor too. 

Many generations of skaters claim B&D as their own and we love all of them.  

Come join us!

Bill and Dorothy 1977ish  Fixedcopy.jpg

Bill and Dorothy McDonald and skaters. 

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